Last week Rebecca Parker from Tunes, Trends and Threads wrote a great review on Platypus's New Breed collection. Here's a couple of extracts from her article.

"Statement graphics and the memorable Platypus motif ensure that the brand is anything but boring." ... "Platypus Clothing UK clearly convey how art is for everyone with their unisex clothing. This brand is suited to anything on the street, keeping us all true to our commitment to street style fashion."


"These are the kind of people that have a graffiti can in their hand, not to vandalise, but to make art."


"The choice of a Platypus is a masterstroke. The unusual animal adds a quirky feel to the collection, appealing to anyone who wants to make a statement. Along with the colour palette of bright purple, green and blue, Platypus people are those who want to make an impact."

 Thanks Rebecca

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    Dag nabbit good stuff you whpprersnaipeps!

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