Next month is Nottingham’s very own fashion week. From 22-30th April several fashion events will be happening across the city. We are happy to announce we will be part of two major independent fashion events at each end of the week, and the first we are telling you about is the Independent Designers Showcase happening at ALEA Casino, Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham on 30th April 2016. 


Independent Designers Showcase 2016 | Platypus Streetwear

IDS16 is the brain child of Immy, founder of Iflight Clothing in Nottingham and promises to bring together 8 of the most talented independent brands and designers based in Nottingham to show off their best work on the catwalk. From streetwear to Men’s tailoring, a wide range of fashion will be on offer for everyone. There will be live music from local talent as well as all the music being produced completely from scratch for the show by 15Smokescreen Collective. Make up and styling is being completed by local students from the University, so the show will bring together the brightest and best in Nottingham to show off what you can get from people living in your own city.

Tickets are selling fast, find them here. Read more about the show and find event info here.

What are we planning?

Myself and Maxine have almost killed each other over new designs and products we will be showcasing, so expect the unexpected as we go big for our next range with new premium jackets for men AND women, premium jumpers and of course a hot new range of tees. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for sneak peak of sketches and designs… If you want an exclusive first look at the range make sure you get your tickets, we will also be handing out vouchers to customers who like what they see.

Who else will be there?

We spoke to some of the designers and brands that will be at the show, including 15Smokescreen the music producers. Scroll down for a full list of designers.

Iflight Clothing

Iflight logo | Platypus Streetwear

Iflight Clothing was founded in 2012 and is a high-end lifestyle brand that wants to redefine British fashion bold patterns, vibrant colours and blending old tradition with the new. Aimed at the modern gent, Iflight Clothing have put together nearly everything for the show themselves and it’s set to be a great celebration of Nottingham independent designers, they are definitely one to watch.

We asked Immy at Iflight..

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest is inspiration are my parents and daughter.

Name your favourite 3 artists/fashion designers/designers
These three brands represent me as a person, smart, elegant and timeless.
Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger
Iflight Clothing Limited
Iflight Clothing @ Platypus Streetwear


Ka-Ho Leung Design

Ka-Ho Leung Logo | Platypus Streetwear

Ka-Ho Leung Design is a bespoke men’s tailoring company. The man with the talent is Jake, who is known well locally and has worked closely with The Princes Trust over the past few years which is how we met him. Jake is incredibly talented and creates masterpieces in the way of Men’s fashion, taking inspiration from his Chinese roots. Primarily making bespoke Men’s suits, Jake creates his pieces all by hand. We have seen his work and if you are looking for something extra special for an occasion, we can highly recommend his work.

We asked Ka-Ho Leung…

Who should watch out for your brand?
I think that Elton John, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Eddie Redmayne, Channing Tatum. Also, wrestlers from WWE because (my work) is very unique and different of having their own trademark, but it will be in my name. 

Name your favourite 3 artists/fashion designers/designers and a couple of words why.
My favourite designers are Alexander McQueen because he is very unique and I love the fabric design of his chainmail suit. (Things like) That are what I want to go into with my own work, my own designed fabrics to final and finished accessories and garments. Paul Smith was my first designer that I researched into; he is from Nottingham and got me into my fashion and textiles path. Zandra Rhodes is the first designer I met in the past and she has taught me about the journey and not knowing what will come my way will be fantastic opportunities.

Ka-Ho Leung Design

Genius Clothing

Genius Clothing are a street wear fashion brand, as well as a model agency, art collective, music collective, fitness group, promotion agency.. and more! We’re not sure how they have the time to make up all of this but it is certainly paying off as last year they won well-deserved fashion brand of the year. Genius brings together everything you need to make you a creative genius – I see what they did there – and if it sounds like something you’d enjoy you’ll definitely want to follow this brand. They’re bound to make it big time and help put Nottingham on the map.

We asked Eugene at Genius...

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

Our Biggest Inspiration is our dreams! We want people to dream and believe they can chase their wildest dreams. 

 "The mission of GCN 'Genius Clothing Notts' is to represent the Genius gene in you. The part of you that thinks outside the box, who dreams while awake. A dream is universal and we aim to portray that in our clothing . GCN aims to be synonymous with both confidence and creativity. Our products, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition innovation, fantasy and that Genius Gene.”  

Name your favourite 3 artists/fashion designers/designers.

Kanye West for how he loves creating! whether its clothing, lyrics, music or furniture lol he has that genius gene where creating is all he thinks about 

Haider Ackermann is a designer who puts alot of attention to detail in his garments and his style is quite contrast to our loud designs and colours but sometimes less is more and i would like to progress to produce this style of clothing later down the years the draping and avant-garde aesthetics 

Kurtis Cameron has always been a name I have heard about and looked to and is someone who inspired me.  Alot of my inspirations are from people overseas but to have someone in my city doing big things and designing amazing garments pushes me that bit more.  The saying is 'keep working until your idols are your rivals' well im still working my ass off...

Twitter- @NGeniusLTD
Instagram- @Geniuslifestyles

 Genius Clothing @ Platypus Streetwear


Abenzi @ Platypus Clothing

Abenzi is a relatively new fashion/street wear brand that was founded last year. We don’t know much about them, but we sure do love the signature hoody which is available now. Abenzi creates premium fashion pieces that are inspired heavily by music and life experiences.

We asked Abenzi...

Tell us about the brand.
Abenzi endeavours to be a high quality brand with a twist. If your looking for that new vibrant look which sets you apart from the rest of the crowd then look no further. From flamboyant Sports/Street Wear to Smart & Elegant Evening Wear we here to cater for your fashion needs. 

Abenzi Hoody | Platypus Streetwear

15Smokescreen Collective

15Smokescreen Collective

15Smokescreen Collective are the creative beans behind everything musical at the show. When we met up with them to discuss the kind of sound we are going for, It is clear to see their passion and talent right from the get go. They are a creative collective who work in Leeds and Nottingham and can help you cover everything you need for a creative event, such as music, creative arts and entertainment. It’s pretty exciting having your own music made for the fashion show, so we’re more than excited to see what they come up with..

We asked 15Smokescreen Collective...

What makes you guys tick?

Laughter! Good food and iced doughnuts. Most times when we hear music in the background while with friends... our attention shifts while acting like we're still paying attention, its that rhythm/beat that's making us tick. 

We'll be producing four fresh new audio tracks for designers at this years Independent Fashion week Nottingham.

15Smokescreen on Soundcloud

Instagram - @15smokescreengroup

 15Smokescreen Collective @ Platypus Clothing


List of all designers involved

Platypus Clothing
Iflight Clothing Limited

What You Sayin Clothing
KaHo Leung Design
Genius Clothing Notts

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