Platypus UK | The New Breed Collection 2014 Lookbook


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Photography and direction by Maxine Abbott & Sarah Esau in Shoreditch, East London.
© 2014-2017 Platypus UK 
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"Platypus was born out of a desire to break free from the monotony, Inspired by the underdogs, the grafters, the creators, the trendsetters. This is the beginning, the new breed of independent streetwear."


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Platypus Maroon Logo T-shirt photoshoot with angel graffiti wings

 Platypus Logo Shirt in Maroon

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"We want Platypus to be a creative culture, a reaction against the soulless, mass produced, throwaway culture we have going on today."

- Co-Founder, Maxine Abbott, Zenkora Interview


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Headwear Range

Product shots of Signature Platypus Maroon Snapback hat .Flat Peak Maroon Platypus Signature Leather Snapback Hat. 


Close up thumb of Platypus Tropical Pattern Snapback hat    

Our Statement Summer Snapback with Bold Tropical Pattern Peak.


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AW14 Headwear

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Unisex Platypus Forest green beanie hat Forest Green Beanie Hat with Pom 

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