10 Poignant Art and Protest Signs inspired by Black Lives Matter.

BLM Protest sign you're f*cked the last generation

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"I was introduced to the plight of being Black before I learned how to ride a bike. My folks armed me with not only knowledge of self but also knowledge of my oppressor AND an understanding of the necessity to never ever be a docile negro."

Black lives, dreams and futures matter typographic artwork

Loving this vibrant typographical illustration, Black lives, Dreams and Futures Matter. See more of Kelly Malka's amazing illustrations & Instagram

barbie black friend pop art Kamara Townes

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Pop artist Kamara Townes, makes great use of witty satire in her paintings to denounce racism and make commentary about being a black person in white society.

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"Good Boys Against Racism" by Photographer Jeff J Mitchell. 

LA Times commissioned artist Monique Wray for a cover illustration reflecting the protest and the current state of things. "America, I Can't Breathe" aptly summarises public outcry in the US with this simple design. Check out more of her work and Instagram. 

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"Black lives NEED to matter if you want "All Lives" to matter"

Illustration by Los Angeles artist and animator Robin Eisenberg.

Source: IPA Photo Awards

"Police brutality has been an issue of racism for decades upon decades. The current invention of smartphones has made the issue more widely known, but Black Americans have cried out about this issue for decades. Brown skin has been systemically treated as a danger to citizens and to police officers. The message is simple: My Skin Is Not A Threat."

Photographer Trevor Wentt won 2nd place at IPA Photo Awards with this portrait back in 2017. A message that unfortunately is still very relevant in today's turbulent times. 

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"The young people will win." by young and talented artist Gracie Lee. A hopeful reminder to stand in solidarity and stay united against systems of oppression.


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Image of BLM Protestor in the UK with a sign reading "Will you still stand for us when #BLM isn't trending?"


Source: Saatchi Art

Civil Unrest (Oil on Canvas) Painting by Kavion Robinson. Illustration of the ongoing issue of police shooting of unarmed black men in the US and the large number of protests across the US. 

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