The Platypus DIY Guide to Attaching Patches

What's Best? Iron-on or Sew on? 

Before getting started, you need to consider If your patch is going on an item that goes in the washing machine very often or if the fabric is suitable for ironing (check the care label of the clothing for this.) If your fabric IS suitable for ironing, you can still follow the iron-on instructions below before securing with stitching.

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Embroidered patches backed with thermal adhesive are permanent but It's best to hand or machine sew around the edge or corners of the patch if you can, as this is the most durable solution long term. Choose a thread that matches or compliments the patch design. 

Choosing between ironing or sewing your patches, which is best?


What Do I Need To Iron On A Patch?

  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Your iron-on patch or patches
  • Clean washcloth, tea towel or greaseproof paper


Deciding how to customise your clothing with embroidered patches


1. First decide on patch placement. Remove any backing paper if there is any on the patch. On the reverse of the patch is a shiny film, do NOT peel this off, this is the glue. Make sure that the clothing that you are applying the patch to is clean and wrinkle-free so it can adhere properly without gathering the clothing when the patch is applied.


Heat Iron to suitable temperature and check washing care symbols for more info


2. Heat your iron to a hot setting suitable to the fabric of the garment you are customising. You can check the care label for this information. Ensure steam function is OFF.


Place clean dry cloth over design to iron-on patch 

3. Place your patch on top of your garment, design facing upwards & the shiny glue side down. Place your dry tea towel, cloth or sheet over the top. Hold the iron down with reasonable pressure for around 30-40 seconds. Turn the garment inside out and repeat heating in a slow circular motion on the reverse for another 30-40 seconds.

 All done! Easy to customize threads DIY style.

4. Job done! Give the patch a quick check but don't over pull at the corners, leave it to cool for 1 minute to let the heat adhesive bond with the fabric. If after a minute you can still lift the edge of the patch, repeat step 3.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Don't wash the article more than necessary. Iron-on patches are meant to be permanent, but they do become loosened over time. It's best to hand wash it using cold/lukewarm water and allow it to air dry. Alternatively, you can machine wash at 30 degrees but do not tumble dry or dry clean.

If patch starts to come away at any point, iron as before to re-secure. Alternatively, apply fabric glue or stitch with needle and thread to re-secure. 

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