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Error 404 "Fucks Not Found" Brushed Metal Pin Badge



 Get that Windows 95 aesthetic in your life.

"Fucks not found" Error 404 Brushed Metal Enamel Pin Badge with two pin posts and rubber backs to hold your pin on to your jacket, bag whatever you want extra tight.

Material: Brushed Silver Nickel.

Height: H: 2.6 cm x W: 4.6 cm

Designed by Maxine Abbott


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Free UK Shipping 🇬🇧Delivery within 2-4 days

International Shipping: Order up to 2 pins and/or patches for only £4 delivery to Europe and £5 for the rest of the world.

All orders over £10 will receive a random vinyl sticker for free!

Europe: Delivery within 5-7 days

Worldwide: Delivery within 7-21 days 

See our Shipping Information for more details. 

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