• Queer artists gifts protest punk raised fist lgbtq pride iron-on patch badge on tie dye
  • Close up of designer embroidered queer pride with paint brush iron-on patch badge Platypus UK
  • Queer art protest punk raised fist lgbtq gay rainbow pride iron-on patch badge Platypus UK
  • Queer protest art raised fist badge lgbtq gay rainbow pride iron-on patch badge by Maxine Abbott | Platypus UK Nottingham

Rainbow Pride Art Revolution Iron-on Patch



Rise up, queer creatives unite and create the future 🏳️‍🌈

⚢ High-quality pride rainbow embroidered raised fist with paintbrush iron-on patch.

⚣ Raise awareness and wear the LGBTQ community's colours with pride, with this iron-on rainbow power fist embroidered patch.

⚤ Easy to fix with an iron, sew on for added longevity, perfect for decorating your bags, denim or clothing.

⚧ Great gift for artists, designers & all creative people in your life!

The first pride flag was designed in 1978 by San Francisco based queer artist Gilbert Baker. It originally had eight stripes and each colour representing a component of the community. 

Size: H: 7.4 cm x W 6.7 cm 

Designed by Maxine Abbott in the UK


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